The Wish Granter
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A rumor, a long time ago, was started. About a young child, who if you looked for him, would grant you a wish. That was how it started, and then it started changing. Soon, it became that the Wish Granter would wait for you, everyday, until you appeared, an then, if you had a wish, he would grant it. From these rumors, a boy appeared. He was the spirit of wishes, the Wish Granter. He had no real personality, and he would just watch her with a blank innocent look.

But the boy started too loose belief. People stopped believing in him, and he slowly faded away. The last thing he saw was the moon. Now, he has awoken again, though no one believes, and he roams, looking for someone, anyone, who would believe in him. The moon awoken him, and gave him a name. Akulla. He is the Wish Granter, and he will grant your wishes. No matter the price.

But be careful what you wish for, child. Because not everything turns out perfect...

M!A: None